Supplier Benefits

~It’s a fact travel agents sell what they know… and these events are the backbone of the travel industry!  This is where relationships are built and developed, where new business is recognized and generated and ultimately where future growth and increased sales are realized. ~

Travursity, LLC believes that participating in our showcases should be a worthwhile investment that goes beyond the show.  We strive to make each event a valuable experience by including you, the supplier or vendor, in every facet of our promotion while providing benefits that may increase sales and add to your bottom line (Click on Showcase Info book below for more information).

Marketing Benefits2020 Prospectus

  • Travursity, LLC strategically partners with leading travel industry marketing firms; allowing multiple databases of over 100,000+ travel agents nationwide receiving our promotions and marketing pieces. Along with an ever growing database of interested and attending travel agents; Travursity Travel Showcase is connecting with the agent sector on a high national level while continuously expanding our market exposure.
  • All suppliers and vendors receive continuous marketing and exposure with brand/company logo with live link on Travursity’s front website page allowing for all agents to see and click through.
  • Additional exposure is obtained through multiple email marketing promotions to travel agents continuously all year long, as well as blog updates and event pictures, resulting in repeated visibility and increased sales possibilities.

Investment Benefits

  • Strong travel agent markets are considered for each and every showcase to maximize attendance as well as securing active and producing agents. Travursity also looks to emerging regions with high demand to place events.
  • Our focus is to deliver a high ratio of producing agents via strategic industry relations and vetting.  All registered travel agents must verify credentials and are confirmed prior to each event allowing the suppliers and vendors to have confidence their time and effort is maximized.
  • All showcases are fully produced and marketed so that the supplier or vendor maintains little overhead and expenses while maximizing their investment.  Travursity Travel Showcase provides a one-stop, turnkey style event that is affordable and productive with a greater potential of return on investment.

Participation Benefits

  • All suppliers and vendors can reach new and producing travel agents during Travursity’s networking session at the beginning of each showcase.  This mini-tradeshow provides ample time to develop and foster new relationships with the attending agents in a business to business environment.
  • Each showcase provides suppliers and vendors an opportunity to present their presentations via front of the house video projection and audio allowing for a larger than life, immersive experience for the attending agents.
  • Pre-event showcase presentations are an optional opportunity to exclusively engage the agents in a focused and intimate setting allowing for a more educational and thorough experience.
  • Suppliers are welcomed to sit at any table with the travel agents during each showcase by enjoying the special reserved seats that are available for the duration of the event.  Enjoy dinner, conversation and networking while meeting new and diverse agents.

Benefits at a Glance

Top Destinations – Nationwide shows where quality agents are looking to network

Vetted Travel Agents – Our policy is to deliver a high ratio of producing agents via strategic industry relations and vetting

Full A/V Presentations – Opportunity to showcase your product, brand and destination

Pre-Show Presentations – Stand out among the crowd with an exclusive presentation

High Supplier Visibility – Website, Registration, Email Blasts, Newsletters and Blog placement

Unified Experience – We don’t separate the suppliers and the agents; we unite them

Low Rates with Opportunity to Customize – You choose what you want, we offer many choices

Supplier Logo on Website – Strategic placement included on Travursity’s web site

Full Support – We know there is competition; we will work hard to make your investment worthwhile

Promotional Marketing – We keep your brand in front of the agents all year long