What Travel Agents Are Saying…

What the Travel Agents are Saying…

I attended the Showcase in Baltimore, Maryland at Horseshoe Casino, great venue, great presentations and great Host.

~ Anita M.


Excellent supplier presentations! A+ EVENT!

~ Bernie K.


I loved that it was intimate and gave us an opportunity to network, make new friends, and that the vendors were approachable and conversational. Great event! Looking forward to the next one!

~ Joan F


I liked the format, the venue, the food and the personal interaction with the suppliers before and after the event. The pre event presentation was very informative. I liked the Q&A session.

~ Donna C.


I am new to this business and it was my first event to attend. I didn’t know what to expect, but everyone was very friendly and helpful. Thank you!

~ Jill C.


The food was fantastic and vendors were very knowledgeable. Thanks for inviting me to the show you both were so kind and friendly can’t wait for the next show.

~ Rita S.


Excellent training! Wish there could have been a couple more vendors. Extremely organized!

~ John C.


The extended amount of time with the suppliers, wasn’t rushed, felt like I learned more. Of course, the amazing food and hospitality! You did an amazing job!  I liked the smaller group…. seemed more personalized. See you next year!

~ Lisa S.


It’s very interactive and would like to see many more upcoming events

~ Tyna T.


Loved getting an in depth look at Israel. Also, it’s nice to have the opportunity for one on one interaction with the suppliers. Thanks so much for putting it together.

~ Wendy S.


Looking forward to the next one hopefully with more vendors. Good Luck, keep up the good work.

~ Timothy H.


Good cross section of vendors. Thank you for the opportunity to network!

~ Bryan V.