Sacramento, CA

This event was on May 2, 2019 5:45 pm

*Travursity Travel Showcase is a Travel Agent only event and only registered travel agents with an IATA/CLIA/TRUE/ARC, etc. number or host affiliation will be allowed to attend.

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Please note, although our registration is now open, our locations and special events are still in development.

“Travursity is not a tradeshow, …we are a Showcase!”

Travursity Travel Showcase is coming to the Sacramento, CA area on Thursday, May 2, 2019. We look forward to all serious and producing travel agents* to attend this special event!

Once again, Travursity Travel Showcase is proud to bring its brand of unique shows to your region!

 These informative and productive events include an exciting and select group of distinctive travel suppliers that eagerly will introduce or reacquaint you to their latest products and enhancements through face to face networking and immersive big screen video presentations.

 Registration is currently open for all active and producing travel agents and  includes supplier showcase, live presentations, dinner and surprises that will make for a rewarding and valuable experience!

*Tentative Event Schedule:

5:45 – 6:30PM – Travel Supplier Networking & Dinner

6:30 – 8:30PM – Supplier Presentations

*Subject to change

Register today to see presentations from these suppliers & vendors!

*Suppliers currently scheduled to attend and is subject to change.

Important Note:

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Due to the popularity and limited availability of seats at these events, each registration must contain the specific individual Travel Agent’s Information.

Duplicate names on the same registration will be cancelled and registered space at the event will be lost!

Important: *Please note that this is a travel industry only event and only registered travel agents with an IATA/CLIA/TRUE/ARC number or host affiliation will be allowed to attend. Anyone that registers and/or attends and is not able to verify their industry credentials will be turned away without exception. Also please bring plenty of business cards (one will definitely be needed for admission) so you can be recognized by the suppliers or for networking purposes.

Paesanos Portofino Room Midtown